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'Parallel Tracks'
Opening hours

Lorraine is a local artist currently working in acrylic paints and mixed media. This exhibition is a retrospective consisting of work spanning 15 years of experimenting with styles, media, and subject matter.

The principal theme at the heart of Lorraine’s work is the landscape and natural environment, which are described in a range of detail varying from the microscopic, upwards.

Lorraine’s landscape paintings have become increasingly abstract in the desire to find a new visual language and to explore the physical and psychological space beyond the surface of the canvas. Much of her work includes the opposite elements, such as void and form, and chaos and control; using energetic gestural marks juxtaposed to geometric form. Her enthusiasm for experimenting with different media, stems from her original training as a pharmacist and the unpredictable results achieved when mixing different materials. Many of her paintings include forms that reference biological and chemical structures, and highlight the similarities between the macroscopic and microscopic worlds. 

Lorraine studied sculpture for 7 years before undertaking a Fine Art degree, and the three-dimensional aspect of this training is sometimes referenced by the inclusion of illusory form and perspective. She is fascinated by visual riddles and seeks to offer the viewer an experience that is open to individual interpretation.

Lorraine exhibits in corporate offices around the UK and in group and solo shows, including recent exhibitions at the Chelsea Old Town Hall and OXO Bargehouse, London.

Opening hours

Lorraine Benton will be exhibiting at Lauderdale House’s Lower Gallery during gallery opening times from Wednesday 13 April to Monday 9 May 2022.

Please note that the gallery may close at short notice due to private events. To avoid disappointment, please check our most up-to-date opening hours by clicking here or calling us on 020 8348 8716 the day before your visit.

The usual gallery opening hours are:

  • Monday / Tuesday: 12pm - 4pm 
  • Wednesday: 11am - 3pm
  • Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday 12pm - 4pm


1 'Cells' Mixed Media 48x48cm.jpg

'Cellular Landscape Lush Green'

2 'Cellular Landscape Lush Green' Mixed Media 60x42cm

'Cellular Topography I'

3 'Cellular Topography I' Mixed Media 60x42cm

'Perfect Storm' 

'Perfect Storm' Acrylic 91x61cm

 'Expo 18'

 'Expo 18' Mixed Media 80 x 60cm

'Altered Perception'

'Altered Perception' Acrylc 60x60cm

'Organised Chaos IV'

'Organised Chaos IV' Mixed Media 50x50cm

'Call of the Wild'

'Call of the Wild' Mixed Media 90x60cm

 'Parallel Tracks' 

 'Parallel Tracks' Mixed Media 80x60cm


'Daydreaming' Mixed Media 101x76cm