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Mike Wasser
Online gallery

A new exhibition of paintings by Michael Wasser.

Although Michael is virtually a self taught artist, who has painted and sculpted for many years, he has exhibited in several mixed shows. This is his second show, which is inspired by the observations of the inner workings of flowers that our insect population feed on.

'I was first drawn into this fascinating natural world when I studied the various flowers my wife had nurtured, beginning with the Oriental Poppy. This consequently led me to explore a variety of other flowers in our garden, over the past three years'.

The flower studies are in various stages of their existence, predominantly in full flush, ranging from recognizable through to abstraction, and are painted in acrylic on canvas.

Michael has exhibited at Lauderdale House before, in April 2020, and invites you again to explore the marvel of nature of an inner world that exists within our grasp.

The exhibition will be available to view at Lauderdale from the 16th June - 11th July, as well as being featured online.

Anyone interested in purchasing works featured in the exhibition should contact Michael by email at, or on his mobile 07952 349124 to make an appointment. Michael will be at the gallery from 12.30pm every Sunday during the duration of the exhibition. 10% of sales will be donated to Lauderdale House, and a further 10% to The North London Hospice.

Online gallery

Alstomeria, 60x42, £300 (framed)


Anemone, 60x42, £300 (framed)


Angel Orchid, 60x42, £300 (framed)

Angel Orchid

Aster, 40x40, £175 (framed)


Butterfly Ball, 50x50, £225 (framed)

Butterfly Ball

Cosmos, 60x42, £300 (framed)


Curled, 60x40, £300 (framed)


Dahlia, 60x42, £300 (framed)


Digitalis, 60x42, £350 (framed)


Embryo Nebula, 76x51, £450 (not framed)

Embryo Nebula

Equus, 76x51, £450 (not framed)


Floral Confection, 50x50, £225 (not framed)

Floral Confection

Fungal Attraction, 40 rnd, £175 (not framed)

Fungal Attraction

Fungal Implosion, 56x46, £250 (not framed)

Fungal Implosion

Gardeners Delight, 40x30, £250 (framed)

Gardeners Delight

Gazing, 60x40, £350 (framed)


Hibiscus, 60x42, £300 (framed)


Iris, 60x42, £350 (framed)


Jelly Brain, 40 rnd, £150 (not framed)

Jelly Brain

Lady's Mantle, 60x42, £350 (framed)

Lady's Mantle

Leopard Slug, 40 rnd, £150 (not framed)

Leopard Slug

Liquid Lotus, 60x42, £300 (framed)

Liquid Lotus

Looking For A Catch, 60x40, £300 (framed)

Looking For A Catch

Mandarin Quack, 60x40, £350 (framed)

Mandarin Quack

Microcosmos, 76x51, £450 (not framed)


Nectar, 60x42, £350 (framed)


Parasol, 40 rnd, £175 (not framed)


Peoni, 60x42, £300 (framed)


Rich Pickings, 46x36, £250 (framed)

Rich Pickings

Rubekia, 60x42, £300 (framed)


Scabious, 60x42, £300 (framed)


Tulipa Pods 1, 60x50, £350 (framed)

Tulipa Pods 1

Tulipa Pods 2, 60x50, £350 (framed)

Tulipa Pods 2

Tulip Stamen, 40x40, £175 (framed)

Tulip Stamen

Violet Joy, 50x40, £250 (framed)

Violet Joy

Wild Poppy, 40x40, £175 (framed)

Wild Poppy

Papaver, 76x63, £450 (framed)


Papaver 2, 50x40, £225 (framed)

Papaver 2

Papaver 4, 60x42, £300 (framed)

Papaver 4

Tulipa, 76x63, £450 (framed)


Tulipa 1, 50x40, £225 (framed)

Tulipa 1

Tulipa 2, 50x50, £225 (framed)

Tulipa 2

Tulipa 3, 50x40, £225 (framed)

Tulipa 3