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Please note: this event is in the past

Highgate Watercolour Group

The Highgate Watercolour Group has been exhibiting at Lauderdale House in the autumn since 1980, when it was founded. There have only been two years of absence, including 2020. They are very excited to be back here in 2021, which will feel like coming home.

Approximately 20 artists are represented, with a total of about 200 paintings. Our friends in Highgate regard this exhibition as part of the local social calendar, and we hope it will remain so, despite not being able to hold a private view. The month-long opening will, however, enable many of our supporters to join us to enjoy the pictures. These will include some done during the lockdown as well as some small, very reasonably priced works. Make a date with your favourite artist who will perhaps be able to meet you here.


Andrew Riley - Frozen Pond

Andrew Riley

Cathy Burkinshaw - Hampstead Heath

Cathy Burkinshaw

Chris Baker - The Visitors 

Chris Baker

Jacqueline Freeman - St Andrews, Whitehall Park 

Jacqueline Freeman

Maggie Pettigrew - Park Fountain

Maggie Pettigrew

Philip Sanderson - Highgate High Street Looking East

Philip Sanderson

Sue Lees - Zebra Shadows 

Sue Lees

Vanessa Whinney - Snowman in the Mill

Vanessa Whinney

Freda Blayney - Highgate Cemetery

Freda Blayney