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DiversARTy is an exhibition of work by artists and friends; Enoka, Susan, Pauline, Marie and Sara. This group of artists collectively share and explore various styles of work from soft pastels to oils and acrylic. Focusing on wildlife, nature, antiquities, composition and abstraction.

The challenges that Enoka sets herself artistically allow her interpretation of a particular subject to develop in various directions, from figurative to abstract. Working primarily in oils and experimenting with other media she draws her inspiration from her surroundings and travels.

Susan takes her inspiration from her travels and enjoys designing compositions which are her own interpretation of scenes in semi- abstract form, combining the organic with man-made, using vibrant colour. These paintings have been inspired by visiting the Marjorelle Gardens in Marrakesh.

A background in advertising design and display consolidated Pauline’s love of composition in her preferred semi- abstract style. Working in through a series creates depth and texture, using layers of water- based paints, ink and collage.

Marie has a passion for antiquities, particularly ancient statues and sculptures from Greece and Italy. She is motivated by different ways of painting these artefacts in oils,  exploring the idea of adding colour to their natural beauty.

Sara adores the swoosh and curves made with soft pastels. Recently she has been inspired by the wildlife in Southern Florida. The birds in her pieces are full of character and seem to have mischief written all over their faces, their mischievous nature shines through in her presentation of their varied forms – at once playful, plumed and poised.

soft pastel work by Sara - Gullivanting by the Sea
soft pastel work by Sara - Time for Flocktails
soft pastel work by Sara - George Clooney
Painting by Susan - Bright and shade
Painting by Susan - In the cool of the day
Painting by Susan - Into the blue
Painting by Enoka - The Fall
Painting by Enoka - Evening Glow
Painting by Enoka - Still Water
Painting by Pauline - Spiritual Enlightenment
Painting by Pauline - Time for Courage
Painting by Pauline - Angels Choice
Painting by Marie - The Dying Slave
Painting by Marie - Narcissis
Painting by Marie - Bathing