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Term Dates & Hours

This class is the perfect opportunity to learn the basics of two wonderful paint mediums; how to mix, blend and layer watercolour and how to apply acrylic. Explore how to make dynamic compositions that produce interesting paintings using still life, photographs and sketches as inspiration. 

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Term Dates & Hours

The Watercolour and Acrylic class meets on Thursday mornings from 10.30am to 1.30pm in the Conservatory (ground floor).

Summer 2024

Thursdays 18 April - 18 July
Half-term: 30 May

Autumn 2024

Thursdays 19 September - 19 December
Half-term: 31 October

Spring 2025

Thursdays 9 January - 3 April 
Half-term: 20 February

Summer 2025

Thursdays 24 April - 17 July 
Half-term: 29 May