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Neville Morgan Urban Focus
Private View
Opening Dates & Hours

As winner of the 2023 Lauderdale House Photographic Competition, Neville Morgan LRPS is showing his exhibition entitled ‘Urban Focus’ in the Upper Gallery.

Neville Morgan is a self-taught photographer and is interested mainly in architectural, abstract and urban landscape photography. In particular, he enjoys exploring the way reflective materials such as glass, water, metal, plastics and other sheet materials re-interpret the world around us. He strives for minimalism in his approach and is always searching for different views of the ordinary by exploring line, colour, shape, texture, tone and pattern, looking for interpretation rather than representation. He draws inspiration from both the natural and the built environment.

His exhibition explores five different ways of investigating and photographing the urban environment.

‘Cityscapes,’ displayed as large canvas prints, attempt to capture the excitement and movement of London at night. At the other end of the scale, by taking ‘intimate urban landscapes’ he focuses close in on the variety of surface materials used on modern urban buildings.

One long term project entitled ‘Urban Underfoot’, carried out over the last 5 years, explores the trodden surfaces of the urban environment.  Another project ‘House of Shadows IV,’ created during Covid restrictions, examines the changing light patterns on the surfaces of an urban domestic house.

Finally, his most recent project looks at deconstructivist architecture and reinterprets it photographically using Polaroid prints.

Private View

Please join Neville Morgan at the Private View of the exhibition on Wednesday, 24 July from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

It is free to attend and everyone is welcome!

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Opening Dates & Hours

Urban Focus will be on display in the Upper Gallery during gallery opening times from Wednesday 24 July to Monday 12 August. 

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  • Monday - Tuesday : 12pm to 4pm
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