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This is the annual concert of the Aspidistra Drawing Room Orchestra. The orchestra has been praised for its joyful interpretation of fashionable light music from before the war.

With string quartet, piano, flute and oboe, they recreate the glamour of the Palm Court Orchestras that gave pleasure and hope to previous generations in difficult times. The programme includes many memorable melodies and charming songs that you are unlikely to hear anywhere else. For youngsters, it can be a perfect introduction to classical music while for classical music connoisseurs, the quality and inventiveness of this music often comes as a total surprise.

This year the concert will be dedicated to memory of Ana Arnold, Aspidistra’s flautist who died in February 2022 in a road traffic accident on her way to the studio to record the 6th Aspidistra CD.


Haydn Wood - Day Dreams

Irving Berlin - Alexander’s Ragtime Band

Reginal King - Fair Star of Evening

Jerome Kern - Who?

Adalgiso Ferraris - Souvenir d’Ukraine

Anatol Provaznik - Valčik

Abe Holzman - Hunky Dory

Charles Chaplin - Eternally

Henry Krein - Café Bonheur

Harry Wood - Il Seraglio

Enrique Santeugini - Girl from Cuba



COVID-19 precautions

Although the government has lifted many of the requirements around COVID-19 isolation rules, we are aware that many of our visitors are vulnerable and we want everyone to feel safe and comfortable. As such, we are continuing to provide hand sanitiser at our entrances, keep windows open to increase ventilation, and maintaining our reduced capacity of 80%. As audience members, we ask that you do not attend if you are showing symptoms or are testing positive, and that you wear a face covering if possible. If you have any concerns, please contact us on 020 8348 8716 and we will do our best to accommodate you.