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Please note: this event is in the past

Haft-sin trail
Trail Hours

Head into Waterlow Park and help us search for the Haft-sin eggs!

Celebrated around the spring equinox, Nowruz heralds the transition from winter to spring in the northern hemisphere. This moment of equilibrium between night and day signifies a fresh start. Preparations for Nowruz commence weeks ahead, involving an extensive cleaning of homes— from carpets to windows, with every family member contributing. This thorough spring cleaning serves as a symbolic act, washing away the remnants of the past year to make room for positive changes in the upcoming one.

A distinctive feature of Nowruz is the arrangement of a special table, known as haft-sin, adorned with seven foods and spices, each with its own symbolism which combine to create a tapestry of wishes and aspirations for the year ahead. 

Join us in the park and follow the trail to find our hidden eggs, whilst learning about the ingredients for the Haft-sin! Each egg represents an item, and can be discovered by following the clues on the trail map (available online before the event). Good luck!

Download Trail Map

Trail Hours

The trail is accessible during park hours, and printed copies of the trail booklet can be picked up from the House during office hours Monday to Friday and during the gallery opening hours on the weekend.

Please check the hours of operation here before prior to your visit.