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Stage Academy at Lauderdale House
Term Dates & Hours

Stage Academy Jrs. is an exciting, high energy class for children aged 4 - 6, combining fun drama activities and games, singing, dancing and the power of imagination into one life changing experience that will help your child to make new friends, express their individuality and prepare them for the adventures and challenges of growing up.

Whether your child is already a bundle of confidence or an inquisitive observer just waiting to come out of their shell, our industry leading teaching team help every child to explore and grasp their full potential. All of our teachers have trained at renowned performing arts schools or have years of theatrical experience (or both!) so they’re fully equipped to help your child get the most out of our classes.

Each term at Stage Academy explores an exciting theme, like training in circus school or discovering the fairy tales hidden in an enchanted library. Our themes are made up of original content with songs, poems and an imaginative script for our termly show written by industry professionals specifically for the Stage Academy Jrs age group.

Stage Academy Jrs is all about setting your child up for the best start possible, whether that be in life or the performing arts. We track their progress using our Stage Academy Stars reports, ensuring we develop their self-confidence, teamwork, ambition and responsibility leading them on a path to success. We would love to speak to you more about how Stage Academy Jrs could benefit your child as an individual so please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Stage Academy Jrs runs during term time and classes are paid for on a monthly basis. They offer every new child a completely free trial session, to find out more and book your free trial here.

Term Dates & Hours

Stage Academy Jrs takes place on Thursdays at 4pm.

Summer 2024 Term
Term runs from Thursday 18 April - 11 July
Half-term break: Thursday 30 May