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David Ryan

David Ryan returns to Lauderdale House in a curated programme of his new and recent works together with rarities by Morton Feldman and Miles Davis.

David Ryan is joined by the ensemble Opera Aperta (UK) which was formed in 2018 after an Arts Council England tour of his ‘Recitativo/Clouds and Noise’ – a work for video, singer, speaker and instrumentalists. The name Opera Aperta is a homage to Umberto Eco’s text of the same name, which explores openness and improvisation in the work of the 1950s ‘new music’. This aspect is also central to the ensemble’s outlook as well as the exploration of text and voice in relation to instrumental sound and colour. Featured in the concert will be Provisional Pieces 2024 (for ensemble), Aphorisms and Interludes 2019/24 (for spoken word and instruments), extracts from Inscriptions 2022-3 (for spoken word and instruments) as well as Morton Feldman’s legendary ‘lost score’ – The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar (1967, 2013) and a reinterpretation of an obscure Miles Davis piece that attempted to fuse free improvisation and rock motifs, Trevere (1969). 



David Ryan is an improvising musician and visual artist. Recent compositions include I-ME (2022), a collaborative project which has been recently performed at Ljubljana City Museum, Slovenia and Schrattenbach Opera, Olomouc, Czech Republic, Fields and Refrains (2022) and Inscriptions (2021-2023).

Opera Aperta (UK) is a flexible ensemble formed in 2018 by artists and musicians David Ryan, Will Crosby, Cristina Grifone, Kelcy Davenport, and Joe Zeitlin.  It is devoted to experimental composition, improvisation and text-based compositions.


David Ryan - direction and clarinet
Michelle Hromin - clarinet and bass clarinet
Joe Zeitlin - cello
Dominic Lash - bass
Will Crosby - guitar
Imogen Ridge - harp
Caitlin Shek - piano
Emil Karlsen - percussion
Kelcy Davenport - spoken word
Timna Kren - spoken word


David Ryan - Provisional Pieces (2024)
Morton Feldman - The Possibility of a New Piece for Electric Guitar (1967/2013)
Miles Davis - Trevere (1969)
David Ryan - from Aphorisms and Interludes (2019/2024)
David Ryan - from Inscriptions (2021-3)