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Still Waters was born out a long association and friendship going back 40 years between Henry Lowther and Britain's premiere bassist Dave Green - the band is now one of the most accomplished and creative bands in the country.

Although a classic quintet of two front line and rhythm, Still Waters plays radical and original music, ranging from gentle, quietly pastoral and melodic music, reflecting the band’s name, through to dynamic, free improvisation. The main thing to say about it is that it is indeed a band - not just a collection of individual musicians; in other words the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. The level of creativity, adventure and interplay on gigs never ceases to astonish audiences; no two gigs are ever the same.

Featuring Henry Lowther (trumpet), Dave Green (bass), Paul Clarvis (drums), Barry Green (piano) and Pete Hurt (saxophone), Still Waters is truly an unmissable experience.

"Lowther and Hurt's compositions are subtly effective and the players took them as inspiration for some small miracles" A review by Jon Turney for the Bristol Jazz Log.





Henry Lowther - Trumpet

Dave Green - Bass

Paul Clarvis - Drums

Barry Green - Piano

Pete Hurt - Saxophone

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