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Please note: this event is in the past

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Ensemble Tritala and East Wind are thrilled to join forces to highlight under-represented voices and cultures in the Western classical music scene.

Together, they will showcase the beauty and depth of Chinese and Indonesian art songs.

Many thanks to Markson Pianos, who loan their Erard piano to Lauderdale House.


East Wind

In 2023, London-based Chinese mezzo-soprano Yixuan Qian founded East Wind, an organisation dedicated to the performance and promotion of Mandarin art songs. In the same year, she met coloratura soprano Juliet Petrus, the leading Western interpreter and educator of Chinese art song. Together, they produce concerts and educational opportunities for singers and audiences in the UK and Europe.

Chinese art song is a multicultural art form combining Western musical structures with Chinese texts. Originating in the 1920s, these songs were created by Chinese composers who studied in Europe and the US before returning to China. They set both ancient and modern poetry to music, with Tang Dynasty poetry (618-907) being particularly revered. East Wind champions the promotion of singing in Mandarin, bringing this unique artistry to international stages.

Ensemble Tritala

United by their passion for art songs, Leeds-based opera singers Sofia Livotov and Satriya Krisna, along with Indonesian pianist Prajna Indrawati, began collaborating in 2018. Their mission is to introduce Indonesian classical songs to a broader audience through their performances and recordings.

Recent performances include the University of Leeds International Concert Series 2023, Jakarta Conservatorium of Music, Oxford Song Festival, and international venues in London, Hamburg, and Salzburg. Their album 'Sounds of Indonesia', recorded during lockdown, gained international attention with broadcasts on German radio SWR2, Radio Klassik Stephansdom, and Canadian radio CKIA FM.

Indonesian art songs, or "Seriosa", emerged in the 20th century, introduced by European-educated musicians. These songs played a crucial role in the National Resurgence movement, inspiring Indonesian fighters with themes of freedom, leadership, victory, mythology, and the struggles of a nation under colonial rule. Although largely unknown outside Indonesia, Seriosa holds significant cultural value and deserves global recognition.


East Wind and Ensemble Tritala will be joined by pianist Lan Hu.