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Bukolika Piano Trio

As part of the Polish Heritage Days in London, the Bukolika Piano Trio presents an exciting, folk-inspired programme with Polish, Irish and Hungarian flavours. Take a journey through different countries to learn about their music and culture.

The concert will begin with Mazurkas, based on the traditional Polish folk dance. These miniatures became a great book of the composer's most personal musical statements, a lyrical 'journal' of his life. Next, you're going to hear one of Haydn's most joyful and energetic ensemble works, Piano Trio no. 39 in G major, written in 1795. The trio has been nicknamed 'Gypsy' because of its Rondo finale in 'Hungarian' style, where a number of gypsy tunes and playing techniques are incorporated, including the Hungarian dance known as Verbunkos.

In the 2nd half of the concert the Bukolika Trio will explore the legacy of one of the most famous Polish composers of the 20th century - Witold Lutosławski. You'll hear 'Subito' for violin and piano and 'Bukoliki' - the very piece from which the ensemble takes its name. Written originally for piano, here performed as a piano trio arrangement. Based on melodies from 'Kurpie', the composer presents the expressive features of the authentic folk in a completely new light. In between you'll hear the 3rd movement of Chopin's Cello Sonata in G minor - one of the most breathtaking pieces in the piano and cello repertoire. At the end comes the fun and upbeat Piano Trio on Irish Folk Tunes by Frank Martin. A truly scintillating jewel from his earlier period, the trio shines: tonal, tuneful and positively lilting with colorful dance, it is saturated with a delightfully unmistakable Irish character.