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Reiff collection
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This exhibition includes a selection of works from The Reiff Collection of Modern British Art which reveal the intricacies of British life through its distinctive shades of blue.

The colour blue holds a dynamic power in art. Artists throughout history have utilised blue to evoke a range of emotions, ideas and symbols. Its cool tones represent calmness and stability, whereas deeper shades convey introspection and contemplation. Blue’s ability to capture the nuances of light, atmosphere and emotion, as well as the vastness of the sky and sea, demonstrate not only its aesthetic appeal, but also its capacity to resonate deeply with viewers. 

For Britain, various shades of blue are deeply rooted in its history, culture and identity. From the Union Jack flag reflecting the nation’s maritime heritage, to the azure skies of its landscapes, blue has symbolised unity, stability and resilience. From artists such as Conroy Maddox, Kenneth Rowntree, and Evelyn Dunbar, we see a multitude of styles, themes and contexts, and yet, underpinning all of them, is a wash of blue. 

The exhibition aims to present how British artists have used the colour blue, in many shades, styles and strokes, for a variety of purposes, displaying the dynamic power of the colour in its presentation of nature, spirituality and human emotion.

Carlo Rossi 'Variation on a Theme, 1989'
Conroy Maddox 'Surrealist Figure'
Hugh Boycott Brown 'Jetty on the Norfolk Coast'
Anna Airy 'Portrait of a Girl with a Blue Drape'
Kestelman 'Blanes Fishermen' 1956
Ruskin Spear 'Bedford Park'
Margaret Maitland Howard 'Allegory of Life'
Opening Hours

Modern British Blues will be on display in the Lower Gallery during gallery opening times from Wednesday 1 May to Monday 27 May 2024.

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  • Monday - Tuesday : 12pm to 4pm
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