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Tea with Mr. Handel

Helen Dymond invites you to come and meet the man inside the statue as he goes through a late-life crisis, in an entertaining discussion of her acclaimed novel Finding Handel, enlivened by music and video performances from a variety of his works.

Discover a man of passionate faith and a sensitive heart, a lover of art, poetry and nature. Meet the women in his life: the doomed, disfigured Agnes; the actress Susannah whom he rescues from a Terrible Disgrace; the fearless Mary who is single-handedly battling the oppression heaped on women in Augustan society.

Will Handel's indomitable spirit win out against encroaching darkness -  and his own doubts -  in time to complete his life’s work? But the novel is more than a biography of one man: it is a fervent struggle between belief and disbelief, the freethinker questioning the man of faith at a time of personal crisis.

In her Amazon Review of Finding Handel, Catherine Bott of Classic FM has praised the book as “a fascinating insight into the mind of a great composer.” Helen Dymond has researched Handel’s life and work for forty years and has written three plays about him. The third one, on which this novel is based, was performed by Actors and Writers of London in January 2022. She was interviewed by Jumoke Fashola for Radio London on Boxing Day 2021, she gave the Glaister Lecture at Braziers  College on 14 May 2022, and she has been invited to talk about Handel at Benslow Music School on 18 January 2023.

Tea  will be served during the interval.

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