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Graham Parkinson artwork
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About the Artist
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Second Glance is an exhibition of photographs by Graham Parkinson, the winner of our 2018 photography competition. 
An exhibition of predominantly travel photographs, the artist combines a desire for narrative with beautiful composition.

In the artists own words, ‘ I want to show or say something about the places and the people I visit but the artistic composition is always very important to me.  I like images with strong visual or graphic qualities, which might add another layer of interest to the story being told.  I also like photographs where an abstract pattern is as important as the subject.'

Several of the photographs are of Ladakh in the heart of the Himalayas, close to the Tibetan border, and show aspects of life in two Buddhist nunneries where I had the rare opportunity to live and teach. 

Diane Arbus wrote that 'a photograph flatters time at the same instant and in the same way as it flatters space'. It elevates and preserves a moment and a place and gives the viewer the opportunity to go deeper into that moment.  My intention is modest:- I hope these photographs inspire a Second Glance.  What you find there - a story, a pattern, art, uncertainty, humanity - is up to you.

I am a retired architect. I have been an active member of Muswell Hill Photographic Society for many years.  I first went to Ladakh in 2006 to teach English as a volunteer in a village school, and this led to engagement with the exiled Tibetan community and to my teaching - English, with some singing and painting and even some cricket, but not Buddhism! - in two nunneries high up in the mountains.

I am the main fundraiser for a small charity supporting a school in Ladakh and elderly Tibetan refugees; all the money raised by the sale of any photographs will go to this charity.

Second Glance will be on display at Lauderdale House’s Upper Gallery during gallery opening times from Wednesday 1 May until Monday 27 May.

The gallery is open: 

•    Monday to Wednesday (11am to 4pm) 
•    Thursday (11:30am to 4pm)
•    Sunday: Special Sunday openings on 12 and 19 May (11am to 4pm)

The gallery may also be open on select Fridays and Saturdays depending on our schedule of events. Please call 020 8348 9716 to check Friday and Saturday opening times.