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Picture of Alison Meek's artwork
About the Artwork
Opening Dates & Hours

Discover the work of artist Alison Meek in the Upper Gallery at Lauderdale House this June. 

POST LUX TENEBRAS (After Light, Darkness) is an exhibition of rich and multi-layered works which illustrate Alison’s exploration of the loss of wisdom she perceives in the modern world. 

Harking back to the many discoveries of the ancient Greeks, the loss of this knowledge and its rediscovery centuries later, Alison’s exhibition uses a historical lens to explore artistic, scientific and political concepts.

The show will also feature a short film illustrating the background of the pictures. 

Alison Meek describes her work in the following way:

' I use the ancient Greeks, whose discoveries and developments in many fields including art and maths, underpin Western civilisation. I explore aspects of this and then look at the time when this knowledge was lost to the world from the 5th century onwards, before being rediscovered in the 15th Century Renaissance in Italy.  Characters I have chosen to illustrate knowledge and then loss include Epicurus (341–270 BCE) and Hypatia (c.350–370- 415 CE).  

In my practice as an artist, I have used the relationship between colour and shape to illustrate many concepts, from the emotional to the political and historical (as in part of my exhibition at Lauderdale House last year, ‘Awesome – an American Road Trip’).  This latest artistic journey allows me to play with artistic, scientific and political concepts using the media of soft pastel and charcoal on cotton rag paper, to give rich, textured surfaces, able to expose layers within the pictures.'


POST LUX TENEBRAS (After Light, Darkness) will be on display at Lauderdale House’s Upper Gallery during gallery opening times from Wednesday 29 May until Monday 24 June.

The gallery is open: 

•    Monday to Wednesday (11am to 4pm) 
•    Thursday (11:30am to 4pm)
•    Sunday: Special Sunday openings on 2 of May and 9 June (11am to 4pm)

The gallery may also be open on select Fridays and Saturdays depending on our schedule of events. Please call 020 8348 9716 to check Friday and Saturday opening times.