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view of rooftop of lauderdale house
Now we are emerging

A very personal tour of this historic house in Lockdown by Director Katherine Ives, Outreach and Education Officer Skanda Sabbagh and Operations Manager Peter Gallagher. 

A collage and a patchwork created for the Highgate Festival of how we see the House, what interests us, detail you will have never noticed and places you have never been...starting at the very top.

Join tonight and you can be part of the online live chat as it premieres.....or, simply watch at any time after the premiere.

Why not have a short break and then join our resident opera group Insieme for their recorded performance from the Lon gallery. Click HERE for all the information.

How it all started....

The week commencing 9 March the House was buzzing with creative activity:

- 90 year olds were perfecting their life drawing techniques.

- Toddlers were making music.

- Dog walkers were indulging in chocolate brownies.

- Volunteer gardeners were enjoying well earned coffee breaks.

- The stunning paintings of Anita Klein were bringing the walls to life.

- Music rang throughout the House as our resident musicians rehearsed.

- Friday evening people celebrated a 50th birthday party. 

By 21 March it was just Peter Gallagher who lives in the flat and Katherine who was packing up what she might need to pay the wages and develop an emergency plan if she was not allowed to return as Lockdown commenced.

Peter was suddenly alone in this 438 year old House with just the creaking of the beams for company, An artist in his own right who exhibited in China and Brazil, Peter hung an exhibition of his own work in the empty galleries to 'keep him company' and turned the upstairs Long Gallery into a creative studio.

To see his work and hear him chat via Zoom about the paintings click here.

...and for the Highgate Festival he is going one step further. Weather permitting he is hanging is work outside around the first floor of the House. His semi abstract mysterious figures are looking across the park from the windows on 20, 21, 27 and 28 June 2020 between 11am and 6pm.


As you can see, during Lockdown Lauderdale House wasn't entirely inactive, but it has been, and still will be a waiting game.

However, we don't let the grass grow under our feet. Meanwhile:

- The cafe is now open for takeaway.

- Socially distanced recordings by our resident musicians are taking place

- We are showing people around (at a social distance) who wish to book for weddings, parties and life celebrations.

- We are working out who we can run classes when the government permits it, in a safe and reassuring way.

- We ran a weekly outdoor music, comedy and cabaret series in July and August.

- Our youth group is running online thanks to grants from CIL and Lady Gould's Charity.

- We are working on publishing the poems created just before Lockdown as part of our schools project, The Art of Dispute