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Drawing and Painting
Term Dates
How We Operate

Our children's art classes run on a termly basis, providing children aged 5-11 with an introduction to the basics of drawing and painting. Each week children will build on their skills learnt in previous weeks, developing their confidence and ability, with the help of our supportive and friendly teachers.

Children's Drawing and Painting takes place every Thursday during term time from 4.30pm to 5.30pm.

Autumn 2019 Term
Term runs from Thursday 19 September to Thursday 19 December
Half Term is Thursday 24 October (no class this week)

Spring 2020 Term 
Term runs from Thursday 16 January to Thursday 2 April
Half Term is Thursday 20 February (no class this week)

Class Structure
As this course caters to children aged 5 to 11, we split the group into two smaller classes which run at the same time. Children are divided into two groups by our tutors, based on age and the length of time they have been in the class. The second class builds on the skills, techniques and knowledge developed in the first class - however new children may be invited to move straight into the second class if they are old enough. Children will remain in the same group for the length of the term and the tutors' decision on class structure is final.

Priority Booking and Waiting List
At the end of each term, priority booking is given to children already on the course, allowing them to rebook for the following term. Any spaces that become available are then offered to children on our waiting list, before being opened up to the general public. If you would like to join the waiting list, please ring Jenny on 0208 348 8716.

The Drawing and Painting course is a termly commitment and we do not generally offer refunds. If you are unable to continue please let us know - if there is a suitable child on the waiting list and the teacher feels it is appropriate, we may be able to offer them the space and give you a partial refund (minus a small admin fee) for the rest of the term. We cannot guarantee a refund if you leave part of the way through term, but we will do our best to help!