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Please note: this event is in the past

Photographs of Artwork for the Exhibition
Opening Dates and Hours

This exhibition features over 40 serene pieces of work by Archie Prentice, a figurative colourist. Following on from his solo show at Burgh House three years ago, Archie presents his beautiful art at Lauderdale’s very own Lower Gallery. A tender hum of harmony to the scenes on the paintings through the use of oils on canvas, board and paper.  Although nearly all are landscapes and are largely figurative, occasionally some stray into near abstract form.

His retirement from a professional life has allowed Archie to paint full time at his Primrose Hill studio and when travelling widely throughout the UK and Europe. From Scotland, France, Italy, Sicily and Greece to even the simple memory of rooftops in an Atlas village in Morocco, Archie’s paintings are a window into the different sceneries in Europe.

Some of his works are done on site but most are done in the studio from a combination of line drawings, oil sketches, photographs and memory. The single most important element to his work is the use of colour to evoke an emotional response to the remembered scene.

Opening Dates and Hours

The Archie Prentice show will be on display in Lauderdale House’s Lower Gallery during gallery opening times from 8th January 2020 until 3rd February 2020.

The gallery is open: 

•    Monday to Wednesday (11am to 4pm) 
•    Thursday (11:30am to 4pm)
•    Sunday: Special Sunday opening on Sunday 12th January and Sunday 19th January 2020. 

The gallery may also be open on select Thursdays, Fridays and weekends depending on our schedule of events. Please call 020 8348 8716 to check Thursday, Friday and weekend opening times.