The Art of Dispute is a an inspiring spoken word project that enables young people to explore the theme of human rights, developed by renowned poet and performer Deanna Rodger

The Art of Dispute is inspired by Lauderdale House’s former resident, the prominent Quaker William Mead. Mead's fight for freedom of religion and the right to a fair trial was instrumental in establishing the right of a jury to deliver, independently, a verdict without fear of reprisal.

Through a series of sessions delivered with professional poets, project participants explore the power of words to respond to issues that are important to them today such as gender, racism, sexuality and education. At the end of the project, participants perform their poems at Lauderdale House to an audience of their peers, connecting with the history of the house whilst practicing their spoken word and performance skills.

This project is currently possible thanks to funding from the Sigrid Rausing Trust.

Students performing poetry
Parliament Hill students visiting Lauderdale House
Student performing a poem to their peers
Parliament Hill students
Students looking at Long Gallery ceiling
Parliament Hill students and Education Officer working on a mind map
Student performing their poem at Lauderdale House
Parliament Hill students at Lauderdale House
Students at Lauderdale House